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电子科技大学信息与量子实验室,始建于二零一七年四月,由中科院院士郭光灿教授带领,致力于量子信息科技的前沿研究,主要关注量子信息与工程技术、量子网络与量子通道、传感技术与量子精密测量、光-原子纠缠中继、纳米光机电界面、量子纠缠、杂化量子器件。团队现有骨干教授4名,其中国家特聘专家2名(宋海智教授、王浟教授)、青年骨干2名(周强博士、邓光伟博士),助理2名(行政助理和科研助理各1名)、研究生14名 – 博士生3名,硕士生11名(含合作培养)。已获得国家重点研发计划,然科学基金青年/面上/重大研究计划培育,教育部双一流A类建设等经费资助。实验室现有200余平实验空间,已具备10 mK低温光电子学研究平台量子光学平台、光学/微波测试平台电子学模块研制平台等条件。如果您对以上研究方向感兴趣,且有志成为一名精通量子信息、固态杂化量子器件、微纳加工、量子通信和量子计量等理论、器件制备和实验的专家,请联系我们 (邮箱: gcguo@uestc.edu.cn)。实验室现可开展全日制研究生培养,设有博士后培养流动站,正在招收相关方向的博士后研究人员—可与加拿大、荷兰和美国等地区的合作单位联合培养。经费支持充足,氛围活泼,待遇丰厚,期待您的加盟。对于外国学者,可协助申请由中国政府提供的奖学金。以上职位均以实验研究者优先。

Located at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, UESTC, InQuLabs – Information and Quantum Labs – is an experimental lab, leaded by Prof. Guang-Can Guo. Our research focus on the cutting-edges of quantum information science and technology, such as quantum entanglement, hybrid quantum channels, quantum metrology and sensing, light-matter interface (quantum repeater), quantum science and engineering, etc. We have research conditions of sub 10 mK dilution refrigerator, optical tables, optical/microwave measurement instruments, electronic workshop, etc. If you’re interested in studying quantum information, hybrid solid quantum devices, micro/nano fabrication, quantum communication and quantum metrology, and becoming an expert in all aspects of those work (theory, device fabrication and experiment), please contact us (Email: gcguo@uestc.edu.cn). We have several opportunities for motivated researchers, i.e. master/Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows. Our group has reasonable fundings, and is full with happiness. For foreign students or scholars we can help them on applying scholarships from Chinese government. For all the mentioned positions, candidates with experimental experience are preferred.