Lab Zoo

  • InQuLabs拥有的第一台低温稀释制冷机 – BlueFors

The first dilution refrigerator of InQuLabs – from BlueFors


November 23rd  2018, InQuLabs held the fifth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

October 30th 2018, InQuLabs held the fourth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

September 18th 2018, InQuLabs held the third Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

September 16th 2018, InQuLabs held a kick-off meeting for our National Key Research and Development Program of China.

  • InQuLabs研制的量子光源样机实物图 – 我们把量子纠缠装进了盒子里

Quantum light sources developed by InQuLabs – we put the quantum entanglement into a box.


  • InQuLabs为硕士留学生Mr. Hadi举行毕业欢送会

InQuLabs held a farewell party for Mr. Hadi, who was our international graduate student during last three years.

InQuLabs held the second Information and Quantum Academic-salon


June 28th 2018, InQuLabs held the first  Information and Quantum Academic-salon

Superconducting nanowire single photon detector and coincidence measurement system of InQuLab – cooperating with Shanghai PHOTEC & Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology

850 nm picosecond pulsed laser developed by InQuLabs and its application in νOTDR – cooperating with UESTCOC

  • InQuLabs拥有的第一个光学桌面

The first optical table of InQuLabs

TTL to NIM level translator provided by InQuLabs – cooperating with Prof. Ruibo Jin from Wuhan Institute of Technology

November 29th 2017, InQuLabs held the 0th quantum information academic-salon