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27. 2019年9月20日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第15期)
September 20th 2019,InQuLabs held the fifteenth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

26. 2019年9月16日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第14期)
September 16th 2019,InQuLabs held the fourteenth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

25. 2019年9月10日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第13期)
September 10th 2019,InQuLabs held the thirteenth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

24. 2019年7月18日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第12期)

July 18th 2019,InQuLabs held the twelfth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

23. 2019年4月24日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第11期)

April 24th 2019,InQuLabs held the eleventh  Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

22. 2019年4月22日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第10期)

April 22nd 2019,InQuLabs held the tenth  Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

21. 2019年4月22日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第9期)

April 22nd 2019,InQuLabs held the ninth  Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

20. 信息与量子实验室搭建的光-色心界面实验研究平台

Experimental platform for light-defect interface in InQuLabs

19. 信息与量子实验室搭建的量子纠缠网络实验研究平台

Experimental platform for quantum entanglement networks in InQuLabs

18. 信息与量子实验室搭建的二维量子器件实验研究平台

Experimental platform for 2D-materials quantum devices in InQuLabs

17. 2019年3月13日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第8期)

March 13th 2019,InQuLabs held the eighth  Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

16. 2019年3月4日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第7期)

March 4th 2019,InQuLabs held the seventh Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

15. 2019年2月28日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第6期)

February 28th 2019 ,InQuLabs held the sixth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

14. InQuLabs拥有的第一台低温稀释制冷机

First dilution refrigerator in InQuLabs

13. 2018年11月23日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第5期)

November 23rd  2018, InQuLabs held the fifth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

12. 2018年10月30日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第4期)

October 30th 2018, InQuLabs held the fourth Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

11. 2018年9月18日,InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙(第3期)

September 18th 2018, InQuLabs held the third Information and Quantum Academic-salon.

10. 2018年9月16日,InQuLabs举办实验室承担的国家重点研发计划项目实施启动会

September 16th 2018, InQuLabs held a kick-off meeting for our National Key Research and Development Program of China.

9. InQuLabs研制的量子光源样机实物图 – 我们把量子纠缠装进了盒子里

Quantum light sources developed by InQuLabs – we put the quantum entanglement into a box.

8. InQuLabs为硕士留学生Mr. Hadi举行毕业欢送会

InQuLabs held a farewell party for Mr. Hadi, who was our international graduate student during last three years.

7. InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙活动(第2期)

InQuLabs held the second Information and Quantum Academic-salon

6. 2018年6月28日, InQuLabs举办信息与量子学术沙龙活动(第1期)-原量子信息学术沙龙

June 28th 2018, InQuLabs held the first  Information and Quantum Academic-salon

5. InQuLabs拥有的超导纳米线单光子探测及符合计数系统 – 上海赋同科技&微系统所

Superconducting nanowire single photon detector and coincidence measurement system of InQuLab – cooperating with Shanghai PHOTEC & Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology

4. InQuLabs研制的850 nm皮秒脉冲激光器及单光子光时域反射仪应用-与成电光信合作

850 nm picosecond pulsed laser developed by InQuLabs and its application in νOTDR – cooperating with UESTCOC

3. InQuLabs拥有的第一个光学桌面

The first optical table of InQuLabs

2. InQuLabs研制的TTL转NIM-电平转换电路-与武汉工程大学金锐博教授合作

TTL to NIM level translator provided by InQuLabs – cooperating with Prof. Ruibo Jin from Wuhan Institute of Technology

1. 2017年11月29日, InQuLabs举办量子信息学术沙龙活动(第0期)

November 29th 2017, InQuLabs held the 0th quantum information academic-salon